Woman with child standing at a table listeningCommunity engagement and education are critical components of Boston’s Climate Action Plan -- it will take the help of every Bostonian to reach our ambitious goals of continuing to make Boston a healthy, thriving, and innovative city in a changing climate.

The Greenovate Boston program was created to do just that. Greenovate Boston serves as a local resource of climate action that keeps Bostonians involved in the climate action planning process and empowered to take climate action in their own neighborhoods.

Explore the Greenovate Boston website to learn about climate change in Boston, and what you can do. You can stay up to date with the latest news on climate action in Boston by signing up for the Greenovate Boston email list. Greenovate is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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Greenovate Boston

Greenovate Boston is Mayor Walsh’s initiative and program to get everyone to join the movement and take action for a greener Boston.

You can join by signing up for the email list, and exploring the Greenovate website.


Greenovate Boston Leaders program

Greenovate Boston Leaders program is a program hosted by Greenovate Boston to increase awareness and understanding around climate change by giving residents the tools and resources to share the City's findings with their communities. 

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Greenovate Neighborhoods

Greenovate Neighborhoods is a program hosted by Greenovate Boston in partnership with the Boston community. This supportive climate action network supports neighborhood and community groups working to educate and organize their neighbors around climate and environment issues.

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BPS Green Schools

Boston’s young people are an active part of our solutions for a Boston with a changing climate. Greenovate Boston collaborates with the BPS Sustainability Manager to support teachers and youth-serving organizations working to build climate leadership in our younger population.

Learn more about BPS Green Schools and their resources for BPS students here


Greenovate Boston Urban Wild Clean-up

Greenovate Boston and the Parks and Recreation department are working to keep Boston's Urban Wilds clean. Urban wilds harbor native plants and animals and perform a wealth of ecological services, such as storing floodwater, producing oxygen, and filtering stormwater run-off. They are very important for the ecological health of Boston. During our Urban Wild clean-up, volunteers are given the tools and direction to remove trash and invasive plant species from the area. Invasive species are non-native plants that compete with native plants on access to water and sunlight. They usually cover the native species and increase the likelihood of death due to a lack of adequate sustenance. In the Urban Wild clean-ups, we help residents identify the invasive species and remove them. 

Upcoming Clean-up:

-Check back this spring for upcoming clean-ups!

Pictures of Rivermoor Clean-up

Learn about the Urban Wilds Initiative


Boston Public Library partnered with Boston Bikes to create the Bibliocycle – a bike and book trailer – to take to farmer’s markets, fairs, and other community events throughout the city. Massachusetts residents can sign up for a Boston Public Library card, borrow books, see demonstrations of the library’s digital resources, and more when the Bibliocycle visits.

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Mayor's Greenovate Awards

The Mayor’s Greenovate Awards were established to recognize those with outstanding achievement in climate action and environmental sustainability in the Boston community. The awards recognize businesses, community organizations, non-profits, residents, and institutions.

Nominate a friend, colleague, or local business for the 2018 Mayor's Greenovate Awards.



For businesses, organizations, or institutions

Explore the resources from A Better City’s Sustainable Buildings Initiative.


For community groups

Greenovate Neighborhoods is a great way to connect to other residents who are helping implement the City’s Climate Action Plan. Here are a few other active groups that provide resources to communities:



Community Engagement

Resident Engagement in Boston

Resident engagement news & updates


Youth Engagement in Boston

Youth engagement news & updates


Engaging Businesses in Boston

Business engagement news & updates



Many local organizations help educate both young people and adults about the environment, climate change, nature, and sustainability.

Environmental Education in Boston

Education news & updates


Citizen Science and Volunteering Opportunities

Many organizations need volunteers. Below are a few organizations that regularly need volunteers and help to greenovate Boston.

Citizen Science and Volunteer Opportunities in Boston

Volunteering news & updates