Small actions at work can add up to huge reductions in carbon emissions, as well as your health and comfort.

Take the stairs

Taking stairs burns 7x more calories than waiting for an elevator. And if you use the elevator to go up and down four flights of stairs four times a day, you can release more than 1000 pounds of carbon pollution into the air over the course of a year.

Be sure to take the stairs, especially during non-peak hours (after 9:30 AM, before 5:00 PM) – many elevator trips during non-peak hours are taken alone. It’s typical to take the stairs when you need to travel six flights or less.

Use a revolving door

Revolving doors allow buildings to keep its temperatures comfortable and constant. Each time you use a swing door, about 8x more air escapes than when you use a revolving door. In cold winter months or hot summer months, this can cause the temperature of the ground floor of the building to fluctuate wildly, which means that heating and cooling systems have to work harder. Please always take a revolving door!

Shut off your computer and other electronics

Shutting and then unplugging your computer will save energy and money. Besides, you might not want to arrive at work the next day staring at all the unfinished work from yesterday. Before you leave, look for other ways to reduce electricity and energy use – make finding the office light switch or thermostat a scavenger hunt of sorts!

Print double-sided

Think of the trees. Set your printers to automatically print double-sided so that you save paper. Printing and copying on both sides can save up to 50% of paper costs. Sign up to take this action.

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