Wow! Thank you to all the Dorchester residents who came out to our December 3rd workshop! We had a full venue of residents and landlords eager to learn about how Renew Boston can save them money by improving the energy efficiency in their homes. We would also like to thank St. Mark’s Parish and Community Education Program for co-sponsoring the event. Did you miss the workshop? Don’t worry because we have all the details you need right here.

renew_banner.jpegThe cold weather did not deter over 40 Dorchester residents and landlords from learning about how Renew Boston and Mass Save programs can bring down their monthly utility bills at little to no cost for them.

There was an abundance of positive energy as residents began to funnel into the workshop. While the potential savings are probably what had them most excited, the complimentary donuts and coffee certainly played a role. It was great to see the wide range of residents that came out to the event - young families, senior citizens, homeowners, landlords, renters, and developers- all of whom are eligible for incentives. 

We were also happy to conduct the presentation alongside our partner organizations Mass Save and ABCD’s Weatherization Assistance Program . These organizations were on staff during the workshop to provide outside assistance and fully answer all questions, from general inquiries to unique questions about a particular situation or project.

renew_snack_table.jpegLourdes Lopez, the Renew Boston Community Outreach Manager, kicked things off with an overview of all the amazing energy-reducing and money-saving resources that Mass Save offers with a no-cost home energy visit. Incentives such as free low flow showerheads and LED light bulbs, heating system replacement rebates, and 75-90% discounts on insulation had the crowd interested and engaged.

Next, Chris Goldsmith from Mass Save followed up with a few informative videos about why it is essential to insulate your home. Chris also explained that during the insulation work (a separate home visit, not during the assessment) a certified Energy Specialist will also seal up any air leaks that your home is bound to have, all free of charge. If these leaks remained unsealed, it could be the equivalent of leaving a window open in your house all winter! The presentations drew a lot of questions from the crowd, so as always, all staff members stayed well beyond the end of the presentations to answer questions about specific projects, as well as  questions related to the Renew Boston and Mass Save program.

So don’t wait -- get your free home energy visit today by calling  617-635-7283(SAVE)!  A no-cost energy visit will provide you with free energy efficiency upgrades for your home like LED bulbs, low flow showerheads, smart power strips, and programmable thermostats. An energy visit will also allow you to qualify for 75-90% discounts on insulation, as well as rebates for upgrading your heating systems, and much more. Visit the Mass Save website or call Renew Boston’s Lourdes Lopez (617-635-4189) or Jeff Vaz (617-635-1849) for more details!

A big thank you to our partner organizations who helped make this event possible!

  • Mike Oliver from St. Marks Community Education Program
  • Chris Goldsmith from Mass Save
  • Paul Goffin, Sophia Adolphe, Al Wood, and Clarinda King from ABCD
  • Harvey Cao for English to Vietnamese translation
  • Khoa Pham, Office of Neighborhood Services
  • Mrs. Arnetta Baty, senior volunteer

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