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Recycling everywhere

How about we have more recycling bins next to trash bins? We need to have commercial/businesses recycle as well.

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Community Yard Sale, August 8-9th

In response to our Community Yard Sale announcement, Susan K of Brighton writes: "This is a great idea. I try to give extra clothing and household items to charity groups when I can. There seems always to be another bag that is excess for our family's use. I was wondering if you know of any community yard sales that have been successful in getting the items directly to people in need who could examine and decide what could be useful to them right from the display table or rack with no need for payment or sorting from busy charities. Perhaps you would have resources/ ideas to share"

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Cooling down without A/C

How do you cool down in the summer without using air conditioning?

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Any tips for new bikers?

I'm interested in biking in Boston, but I don't know where to start. Can anyone share tips for a new Boston biker? What kind of bike should I get? Where are your favorite places to bike? Is there anything else I should know? Any help is appreciated!

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Petition for tax on bottled water

Taxpayers payer for the cleanup of discarded water bottles while the water companies make millions. I support a petition for a tax on bottled water, to cover the cost of cleanup to keep our city clean.

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