Do you want to help get more people composting? Become a City Hall Compost Captain! Encourage your colleagues to divert lunch and office food scraps from the garbage to the compost bin. By becoming a CHCC (yeah, it’s abbreviated!), you are helping the City of Boston make progress on its Climate Action Plan goals, and helping to turn food waste into a valuable scarce resource. See below for everything you need to know.

Project Oscar - City Hall Plaza

Things you need — just request by emailing

          - Office collection scrap bucket
          - Compostable liners/bags
          - Poster

Responsibilities of CHCC:

1.) Educate colleagues about what can and cannot be composted with Project Oscar.

         - Know the list of materials that can and cannot be composted with Project Oscar- The Mayor's Office of Food Initiatives

         - Learn about other ways to compost - Greenovate Boston

         - Hang this educational poster in your office

         - Make an announcement at an all-staff meeting! Here is a blurb:

"Our office will be hosting a Project Oscar food scrap collection bin to compost and responsibly dispose of food waste and other organic matter. What this means is that there will be a small container in the eating area that will be collecting breakfast, lunch, and snack food scraps and other organic material waste. If you are interested in utilizing the bin, please carefully review which materials can and can’t be composted with Project Oscar. The biggest thing to note is that Project Oscar does not accept dairy, meat, or bones. I will be emptying the office bin into the Project Oscar container outside next to the food trucks every other day. Please let me know if you would like to help."

2.) Manage an office scrap collection bin

         - Inspect bin for proper use
         - Empty and clean bin on a regular basis

Office Scrap Collection Bin guidelines

  1. Know what can and can’t be put into the bin - and let your colleagues know if you find incorrect items in the bin
  2. Empty every other day, when full, and always on Fridays/before a weekend. This will NOT be an added responsibility of cleaning staff so please be respectful of your space and their job duties.
  3. Know when and why fruit flies happen - fruit fly eggs occur naturally on things like banana peels and other fruit skins. If you notice fruit flies around your bin, empty it immediately and do not let it become a problem.
  4. Recruit your colleagues! Create a schedule for who is responsible and when to empty the office collection bin into the Project Oscar container outside.

“I want to compost but I don’t want to be a captain. What can I do?”

Find an office collection scrap bin on your floor or close by. Email to find the closest bin.
Save your compost materials until the end of the day and drop them in Project Oscar bin near the food trucks


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