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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Hopefully you are reading this because you want to help contribute to a more sustainable planet, support the local economy, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Well, Greenovate Boston is here to help you do just that. We encourage Bostonians to make small changes that can help make a big impact. Greenovate Boston’s Be the Change blog series will help Bostonians not only talk the talk, but also walk to walk of greening their everyday actions. Together we can make the City a better, greener place to live and work.


Be the Change -  Using Active Transportation

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Your commute doesn't have to be an eye-rolling, sigh-provoking, irritating ordeal within a small, metal isolation chamber. And with the warm weather rolling in, it’s a perfect time to ride freely on a unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, scooter, skateboard, or rollerblades. Or, go paleolithic-style and walk, run, or skip to your destination. Join the movement--leave the gas-guzzler at home and start having fun, get some exercise and save some money!

Who Says Boston is Not Bike Friendly?

They spoke too soon. According to Boston Bikes latest update, 82 miles of bike lanes have been installed over the last few years. By 2017, the goal is to complete 75 additional miles of bike lanes including numerous miles of Cycletracks, which are exclusive bike lanes separated from car traffic. Also, Boston’s first public bicycle fix-it stations was installed this month. Located at the Grove Hall and East Boston branches of the Boston Public Library, these bright blue Dero Fixit Stations are designed to provide tools for performing basic maintenance and repairs. Smartphone users can get detailed instructions to help with repairs by scanning the QR codes on the front each station. These stations are available for free public use 24/7.


The Time is Now!

With Boston continuing to expand its bike-friendliness over the years, we have reason to celebrate the growing bicycle movement all month long during National Bike Month. This month is the time to take the plunge and ditch the car. Show your support for safe bicycling practices and bicycling as a commuting alternative.

Get yourself a REAL Sports Utility Vehicle

There are a number of great options for finding a bicycle. Of course, the most eco-friendly option is to look for a used bike, but if you need some help finding the best fitting bike for you, talk to an expert at a local bike shop.

Boston Bikes Roll It Forward program collects, repairs and distributes bikes to low-income Boston residents. As of January 2014, the program has distributed 2,728 bicycles!

It’s also easy to rent a bike in Boston. The City’s bikeshare program, Hubway, is growing steadily with 140 stations and 1300 bikes throughout the Boston-metro area. Efforts to increase bike accessibility, with a recently launched Prescribe-a-Bike program allows doctors at Boston Medical Center to prescribe low-income patients with a yearlong membership to Hubway, a bike-share program, for only $5. Also, Boston Bikes offers subsidized memberships to qualified residents.

Find out more about using bikes:


Put one foot in front of the other...and repeat


Make sure those sneakers are snug because no matter what your pace is, Boston has got plenty of places to stroll, speedwalk, shuffle, jog, or sprint. Boston is often referred to as “the walking city,” with 15% of the city’s population commuting by foot, which is the highest rate of any large U.S. city! Not only is traveling by foot cost-free, it allows you to see and experience things you might miss using other modes of travel. WalkBoston offers maps featuring places that are pleasant to stroll through, easy to navigate, and convenient to get around.

Other Tips:

  • If you are worried about sweating from your commute to work, check to see if your office building has showers available for use.
  • Wear bright colors and reflective gear so others can see you more easily.
  • When you are on the roads, look both ways, twice!


Are you an active transportation enthusiast? Share your tips and stories below!

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