The 2017 Mayor's Greenovate Awards - Sustainable Mobility Nominees

Learn more about the businesses, organizations, and individuals nominated for the 2017 Mayor's Greenovate Award nominees in the Sustainable Mobility category.

Boston and its community continues to rise to the challenge of balancing our historic landscape with the need to adapt and evolve to our changing mobility needs. Public transportation, walking, biking, carpooling, car-sharing, and ride-sharing are all pieces of the puzzle that will help Boston meet its climate and sustainability goals.

You can vote for your favorite Greenovate Award nominees now through April 7th. Votes will determine the top 3 finalists, and the winner will be announced live at Greenovate’s Earth Day Party on April 19th -- be sure to save the date and stay tuned for more details! Vote for Greenovate Award winners

Michael_Donaghy_-_MBTA_Manager_of_Energy_Efficiency.pngMichael Donaghy - Citywide

The MBTA is one of the largest consumer of electricity in Massachusetts with over 600 electrical, natural gas, steam and water/sewer accounts under management. Michael Donaghy is the MBTA’s Manager of Energy Efficiency, and leads energy management programs including include energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy information systems. They have allowed the MBTA to make headway towards accomplishing two of its major objectives: to reduce operating costs to the greatest degree possible without interrupting or interfering with operations, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its operations. In addition to energy efficiency measures, Michael has helped the T to invest in on-site renewable energy, electric vehicle charging stations, and more ambitious standards for energy use in design and construction. Learn more about the MBTA's efforts to manage energy.

ABC_TMA.pngA Better City TMA - Citywide

A Better City TMA works with developers, property managers, and employers all over Boston to decrease the number of commuters in the Boston region who drive alone. They do this by offering commuter programs to member tenants and employees that reward people for taking a sustainable commute mode and incentivize them to try an alternative mode of transit with financial assistance and support. In addition to the commuter programs, A Better City TMA is always looking for ways to further encourage people to commute sustainably. They are currently in the midst of a bike reimbursement pilot program that reimburses people for bike expenses such as a new bike, bike maintenance or safety gear. A Better City TMA is always looking for ways to engage their members to build a community around modes other than drive alone commuting. By getting people to leave their car at home even a few more times each month, they are helping to improve congestion challenges in the city, and reducing the pollution in our atmosphere. Learn more about the A Better City TMA program.

A Better City was awarded a 'Green Business' Greenovate Award in 2011.

ab_health_collab.pngAnna Leslie, Allston Brighton Health Collaborative - Allston-Brighton

Anna Leslie has led the Allston-Brighton Health Collaborative in creating a Transportation Committee to tackle neighborhood transit challenges. Collectively, the committee has reviewed and mapped existing transportation routes and associated data, met with other neighborhoods to learn best practices of localized transportation access, and conducted informal neighborhood surveys. Currently Anna is leading a volunteer survey effort of local bus routes to understand how those routes can better serve residents and visitors in the Allston-Brighton area. Learn more about the Allston Brighton Health Collaborative.

Geekhouse_Bikes.pngGeekhouse Bikes - Charlestown

Geekhouse specializes in building custom fit premium bicycles in Charlestown. Established in 2002 by Marty Walsh, Geekhouse is rooted in the world-renowned community of New England frame builders. Marty has been working in the bicycle industry the majority of his adult life, starting in retail and progressing up the line to owning his own custom shop. Known throughout the bike industry for its bright colors and irreverent humor, Geekhouse stands as an approachable fun company that embodies the phrase, ‘self-deprecating perfectionists’. They have been building bicycles within the city for years now, and have helped build a culture to support sustainable travel in Boston and beyond. Learn more about Geekhouse Bikes.

Green Streets Initiative - Citywide Greenstreets_initiative.png

Green Streets Initiative (GSI) was founded in 2006 to cultivate the car-light movement. For civic and business leaders committed to sustainability, GSI is the volunteer organization that celebrates car-light transportation with concrete, inclusive, and engaging programs which inspire healthy lifestyles and thriving communities.

Our signature event, Walk/Ride Days, is a monthly day of awareness about healthy and environmentally friendly commuting opportunities. Walk/Ride Days take place the last Friday of the month, year round. They encourage individuals, schools, workplaces and communities to meet their transportation needs using healthy and environmentally friendly modes, such as walking, bicycling, or using mass transit.

Since 2012, GSI has conducted an innovative cross-industry competition for workplaces who want to promote sustainability and health, called the Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge. The Challenge competition helps companies meet their sustainability goals, energize employees, and build team spirit. Over 60 companies have taken part, including Dana Farber Cancer Institute, City of Cambridge, and State Street Corporation. By combining specific and easily achieved goals, gentle peer pressure, and a sense of competition and fun, Walk/Ride Days give people positive experiences that lead to immediate and long-term behavior changes. For more information, visit

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