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    Email Sign-Up

    Thank you for completing this quick survey to help Greenovate get to know you a little bit better. We will do our best to use the information you provide to better tailor what you receive from Greenovate to your interests.

    Your answers are private, will not be shared outside of Greenovate Boston, and will only be used to send you more relevant information based on your answers.

  • published Zero Waste in Climate Action Issues 2017-02-02 09:36:01 -0500

    Zero Waste

    The City of Boston is committed to reducing waste by increasing recycling and reuse, and diverting organics. By keeping these valuables out of Boston's waste stream, we can collectively save money, create local jobs, and improve the environment. The City also welcomes innovative strategies to stop waste before it starts; that can include reducing consumption, comprehensive waste education, or new technologies to replace wasteful processes.

    Zero Waste news & updates





    Project Oscar 

    Project Oscar is Boston’s first 24-hour community compost pilot program. The Oscar compost bins provide members of the community with a place to drop off food waste. There are currently six community compost bins around the city!

    Find out where the nearest bin is. 

    Project Oscar news & updates


    Compost at Home

    Boston residents can compost at home. (Boston residents qualify for subsidized compost bins and buckets).

    Learn about the different ways to compost and consider buying a bin today.

    Compost news & updates


    Zero Waste Planning Process

    The City is exploring a zero waste plan for municipal solid waste, which could include more robust recycling policies, composting programs, and garbage disposal installation. Stay tuned for an opportunity to join the zero waste planning process--the best way stay informed is by joining our newsletter. 

    Sign-up to receive updates on how to participate in the process. 


    Recycling in Boston 

    Public Works ensure that Boston’s streets, sidewalks, and bridges are safe, clean and attractive. They manage residential garbage collection and disposal, as well as curbside recycling. Knowing what can and cannot be recycled can be tricky.  

     Recycling news & updates

    Get More Involved

    For businesses, organizations, or institutions

    Explore the resources from A Better City’s Sustainable Buildings Initiative for waste.

    For community groups

    Greenovate Neighborhoods is a great way to connect to other residents who are helping implement the City’s Climate Action Plan. Here are a few other active groups that provide resources to communities:

    Other Resources


    Continuing to reduce waste in Boston is a priority of the City and helps Boston reach its Climate Action goals. Boston's zero waste planning process will work with a broad range of stakeholders to develop a zero waste plan that will support waste reduction as well as increase opportunities for reuse and re-manufacturing. 

    Reuse news & updates

    Sharing Economy

    We can reduce waste and build community when we shift our economy and culture to better support sharing. 

    Sharing Economy news & updates


  • published Volunteer in Get Involved 2017-01-31 12:01:59 -0500


    Large group of volunteers standing in a group in front of Fenway Park with Mayor Walsh
    By volunteering with Greenovate and our neighborhood partner organizations, you are joining the movement to take climate action and contributing to our collective impact to implement the City's Climate Action Plan.

    If you would like to partner with Greenovate to co-host a volunteer opportunity, email greenovate[@]boston.gov.

    Become a volunteer

  • published Get Involved in Get Involved 2017-01-30 15:18:48 -0500

    Get Involved


    When you join the Greenovate community, you learn how you can be a partner in solutions for building a healthy, thriving, and innovative city despite a changing climate. Boston can reach our collective goals if everyone joins the movement to “greenovate” our City. Thank you for contributing.

    Get Involved.